Termite Treatments

Termite Treatments

Termite Treatments Gold Coast

If you are looking for professional termite treatments on the Gold Coast, call Splat!

Termite treatments are something we should all seriously consider when living on the Gold Coast, Splat has the answers.

Termite Foaming


Foaming is used for termite activity that may be difficult to reach, or in area’s that have extensive termite activity, such as a sub nest or (bivouac) for complete coverage.

Foaming equipment uses air to expand a mixture of Termidicide chemical and a foam liquid. The foam will expand and saturate termite workings in and around the timber.

The use of Foam also creates minimal damage to your home when treating termite activity.

Exterra Termite Baiting System

Termite baiting is something we should all seriously consider when living on the Gold Coast, Splat has the answers. If you have found termites or simply want to protect your home or property, the Exterra Termite baiting system is for you.

We will install a number of termite stations around the perimeter of your building at intervals of 3 meters. Each station contains eucalypt timbers and has a special termite attractant added. This ensures that when termites are nearby, they will be attracted straight into the stations.

Once termites enter the stations, our trained technicians add Exterra’s unique non-toxic termite bait. This formulated bait is very palatable to termites, once they start to consume the bait, they will continue to eat it until the colony is eliminated.

Due to Exterra’s high level of effectiveness, Exterra will back it by a $250,000 Termite Damage Warranty. If termites damage your home, Exterra will repair up to $250,000 of new termite damage.

This warranty will apply to qualified customers only. Some homes may not be eligible due to the nature of their construction.


Termite Chemical Barrier

termite-chemical-barrier-gold-coastUsing a termite chemical barrier is something we should all seriously consider when living on the Gold Coast , Splat has the answers. A chemical barrier is used to keep termites out of your home. It creates a protective zone around the perimeter of your home that kills or repels termites.

This can be achieved by using the latest proven termiticide chemical available. Our trained technicians will recommend the best product suitable, depending on your requirement and budget.

The chemical barrier is applied to the perimeter of your building, this is done by digging a trench down to the external footings of your building. The purpose of this trench is to expose the footings and other pipe penetrations, favorite entry points of termites.

chemical-barrier-termidoreOnce we have exposed these areas, the trench is filled with a large volume of termite emulsion and soil. This process creates a continuous protective barrier around your home or building. Termites tunneling through the protective zone, will coat their outer bodies with termiticide, infecting and ultimately killing the termite colony.

For professional termite treatments on the Gold Coast, contact Splat today.

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